The Lone Ranger Mission: Creating A Lens Between Science And Society!

The Schmidt Ocean Institure (SOI)and Blue Ocean Sciences (BOS) are collaborating on a marine debris expedition that will cross the Atlantic In January 2011. The 255 ft. Lone Ranger owned by the Institute will begin its journey in the Canary Islands, and then progress over 3,000 nautical miles through the North Atlantic Gyre, the Sargasso Sea and end in Bermuda on January 29.

The Marine Debris EliteTeam, a collaboration of internationally recognized scientists, will be on board to analyze the impact of debris on ocean cycling systems (carbon), marine organisms, and human beings. Leading oceanographers, top bio fuel specialists will study microbes eating plastics, and extreme environment microbial scientists, as well as scientists who can sequence multiple species from harsh environments will work closely with chemical analysis experts and people who understand microbe polymer interaction. This research will be used in the development of new technologies to better monitor environmental contaminants in the world's oceans. The Team's microbe experts will also be on the hunt for "biofuel candidates" that may provide innovative solutions for ocean trash.

Scientific Goals

The Blue Ocean Sciences Team will be conducting sampling utilizing both traditional methodologies as well as implementing new analytical techniques and environmental monitoring technologies. Our goal is to develop data on marine debris and environmental pollutants in the Atlantic Ocean and Sargasso Sea and test new monitoring assessment tools that can be utilized to evaluate the impacts of environmental pollutants on oceanic health. By working as a global scientific community on this project we can increase the rate of our understanding of these environmental pollutants so that we can have an accurate understanding that can be utilized suggestions for change, action and policy formation.

Outreach Media Goals

The BOS Me media group consist of Blue Ocean Productions, Cage Free Productions, Highliner Studios and Blue Ocean Sciences (BOS). Using Ojingo Labs award winning interactive maps that won the Google Hero Award in 2009, BOS ME will showcase the scientists through webisodes by world-renowned producers Jim Knowlton, Paul Lynch and Scott Walker. Mentored by Dr. Dijanna Figueroa, narrator of James Cameron’s "Aliens of The Deep", and by BOS President Dr. Andrea Neal, the award-winning environmental entrepreneur class from Santa Barbara High School' Don's Net Cafe will introduce the Marine Debris Dream Team. The WAVES site will enable people to interact with the Marine Debris Dream Team and develop a connection to the members so as to learn firsthand about the significant impact of marine debris -- along with what can be accomplished to prevent, monitor, and reverse these detrimental trends.

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